Monday, November 20, 2006

I'm getting more and more confident reading these God Save My Queen II pieces (heckler: you should, since you handed in the mss, jackass!). They seem to be being received well: since I wrote alot of memoir pieces, and I am not so confident about prose -- witness the wet laundy of this blog -- that is especially gratifying.

Monday, September 25, 2006

tragically, when push comes to shove, i have to admit that i am a tv junkie. old habits die hard. it started out watching b-rated greats like dukes of hazzard, air wolf, magnum pi, and that one sitcom with the jewish guy and the girl. i can't remember the name, but the show was terrible, and i loved it. the guy is a comic, and he has a really big forhead and bugged out eyes. he makes a lot of hand gestures, and he used to be the spokesperson for the now defunct product line of fruit beverages, Boku. that show was awesome. i don't know if you know what i'm talking about. but right now, i have two guilty pleasures. they are the planet's funniest animals on animal planet. and gilmore girls on wb. i know that gilmore girls is a terrible show. the writers have no range. almost all of the characters talk in exactly the same way. and the director of the show has everyone giving the exact same delivery style and timing technique. the show is rather one dimensional and often predictable. the dialogue is unrealistic. entertaining, yet unrealistic. a similar complaint i had with dawson's creek - a show my friends strangely enjoyed with the religious fervor of the ultra orthodox. but for some reason, i like the show. it was like this with roswell. that show was great. although i hardly ever watched it when it was on.i woke up late today, and i got to work an hour late. was it because of some crazy night at kilkenny's last night? in a word - no. in forty five words - i was really tired. probably because i got to sleep so late. and my alarm went off this morning and i got up out of bed. but then i mysteriously went back to bed without resetting my alarm. and i woke up an hour roommate and i actually didn't make it to kilkenny's last night. for the first time in over fifteen wednesdays. we missed newcastle night. i was game despite the fact that i was still battling a cold. i would have put down a few to keep tradition alive. but my roommate brought some of his work home. he sat at his drafting table for most of the night. doing weird stuff that i don't know what it was and eating kit kats. he really likes kit kats. i bought kit kats for trick or treaters. my roommates said that we don't get trick or treaters. but i figured, if some older ones showed up and we didn't have candy, they might get mad and pee on our front door or something. so, to prevent any unnecessary leeing, i spent 2.79 on some kitkats. and since most of the candy won't be given away, the candy will get eaten by the people i had intended it to be eaten by.